Friday, July 5, 2013

Crogan Adventures Radio Drama #4: The Island Lost to Time

So the move is done (though the studio still has another half-day’s hard unpacking left to go) and the six weeks of pretty much nonstop travel are finished, which means I can finally get rolling on making comics!  But first, some news:

1. Since this page doesn’t have a gallery (it used to, but I got rid of it because I never changed it out), I try to keeping that which I post confined to finished art or publishable process stuff.  So I’ve joined Instagram to have a place to post while-I’m-working art, con sketches, things like that.  My user name is schweizercomics (same as my twitter), and you can get it via your mobile device OR you can get a view-only version on your computer by going to

2. The fourth episode of Decoder Ring Theatre’s CROGAN ADVENTURES RADIO DRAMAS has aired!  Actually, it aired a couple of weeks ago – I haven’t had the chance to post about it.

This was the story that made me want to do a radio series in the first place (there are some title card sketches from it in the sketchbook, if you look).  It’s called “The Island Lost to Time,” and filled my desire to do a Lost World/King Kong/Land that Time Forgot type of story, while keeping it historically plausible.  Tough to swing with a dinosaur island!
The story stars:

Andrea Lyons as Captain Salila Yatri

Kevin Robinson as Daniel Crogan

Christopher Mott as Supoma

Scott Emerson Moyle as S’Karno

Robert Westgate as Azkar
Ryan Sero as E.M. Scufflegrit

You can listen onlinedownload a copy of the show, or find it on iTunes!

It was written by me (of course) and directed by Gregg Taylor (of course)

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