For Teachers

If you are a teacher wishing to use the Crogan Adventures in the classroom, or a parent looking to help bolster your child's education, this page is for you.

Click here to download the CROGAN'S LOYALTY TEACHING GUIDE.  It's a 23-page guide to using Crogan's Loyalty as part of a social studies, history, language arts, or English curriculum.  It has lots of background information so that teachers can ensure their own familiarity with all of the subject matter touched upon in the book, and activities malleable to be used in either high school or middle school classes (and, I expect, precocious elementary schools, too).  English and Social Studies teachers who wish to coordinate and use the book together with their different classes should find the guide a helpful tool through which to do so.

If you're interested in arranging a school visit, please see what I offer here.