Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Character-a-Day: The Black Beetle

Today's pulp character is Francesco Francavilla's Black Beetle, the eponymous star of the new ongoing Dark Horse series.  I've been a fan of Francesco since I first saw his work on his blog, and I've been lucky enough to become friends with him over the past few years while living in Atlanta.  I couldn't be happier at the overwhelming reception that BB has received, and it's been a joyous thing to see such great art and fun subject matter get the attention that I believe it deserves.  It's also got a great villain - Labyrintho!

If you haven't read The Black Beetle yet, the issues for the first storyline - No Way Out - are all out and available (find 'em on paper OR digitally through the Dark Horse app), and you should really give it a go.  The hardcover trade collection is due out on October 29th.  I'll probably be picking mine up from Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC, while I'm there for Comic Book City Con!

This pulp hero is featured in the stories NIGHT SHIFT, NO WAY OUT, KARA BOCEK, and NECROLOGUE by Francesco Francavilla

Seriously, read this comic.

The original art for this one is available for sale.  8.5x11," ink on 80# stock, shipped the Tuesday after purchase.  First come, first serve.


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