Tuesday, April 1, 2014

THE CREEPS announced, coming in 2015 from Abrams/Amulet

Harry Flashman

Today is the late George MacDonald Fraser's birthday.  He's best known for his Harry Flashman character from the entertaining and (in my mind) educational Flashman Papers series.  I love these books, and his other writings, too, especially his essays on historical film.  Fraser was responsible for influencing my artistic and literary development in a number of ways, but the most pronounced is the consideration of the ethical responsibility one has when handling events of or figures from the past.

So here's a drawing of Harry Flashman to commemorate the occasion!

Five Dashiell Hammet characters

Sam Spade (the Maltese Falcon), The Continental Op (Red Harvest), Nora and Nick Charles, and Asta (the Thin Man).