Video and Audio (interviews and videos)

Conversations series
I sometimes record chats with other cartoonists and storytellers.  You can give them a listen if you like.

Tony Cliff, cartoonist of the Delilah Dirk books
December 17, 2014

Thomas Boatwright, cartoonist and puppeteer
October 15, 2014

Patrick Dean, cartoonist of Big Deal Comics & Stories
October 7, 2014

Colleen AF Venable, writer of Kiss Number Eight and Guinea, PI
October 1, 2014

John P. Gibson, director of Revelation Trail
September 2, 2014

Tyler Crook, artist of B.P.R.D. and Petrograd
August 26, 2014
(audio on this one is REALLY rough.  Sorry!)

Lucy Bellwood, cartoonist of Baggy Wrinkles
August 22, 2014

Video Interviews

Good Comics for Kids: Interview at American Library Association
Part 2 of the interview

ACME COMICS March Madness Wrap-Up Interview
April 1, 2010

iFanboy: New York Comic Con (I'm interviewed at 22:42)
February 25, 2009

Audio Interviews

Comics Coast to Coast
July 2015

Inkpulp Audio
January 2014
Note to younger listeners and parents: this podcast contains strong language, but the interview portion itself (28:45-1:32:10) is, if I remember, safe for all ages.

War Rocket Ajax
June 2012

iFanboy (a dual interview with Scott Chantler, another historical adventure cartoonist)
June 2012

Comics Related
January 2012

Tall Tale Radio
October 3, 2011

Comic News Insider (I'm the first interview in the episode)
June 9, 2011

NPR Interview (WNKU • Cincinatti, OH)
April 4, 2011

SEQALAB: Talking about Crogan's March
March 24, 2010

NPR Interview (WKMS • Murray, Kentucky)
December 5, 2008

SEQALAB: Talking about Crogan's Vengeance
November 20, 2008

Process Videos

Drawing a Crogan Adventures radio show lobby card, part1:

Drawing a Crogan Adventures radio show lobby card, part2:

Drawing a Crogan Adventures radio show lobby card, part3: