Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Granada TV's A STUDY IN SCARLET 1963

The Granada TV adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes stories (1984-1994) are many people's favorites, and though no adaptation has entirely satisfied me, they are pretty great.  But the principals were too old by far when the series began (Jeremy Brett, who played Holmes, was 50!) to ever adapt the first Sherlock Holmes story A Study in Scarlet.  So it's one of the few canon stories to not be filmed with Brett in the lead role.  Which is a shame.
So I figured out what year the story would have needed to have been shot in order to put Brett and Burke near the ages of Holmes and Watson at their initial meeting (taking the more conservative Morley timeline, as the Granada series seems generally pretty conservative in its interpretations), and that would be the early-mid 1960s.  I also figured out who would have been the right age (and at the right stage of their careers to do TV) to play the more prominent supporting roles.  
So, here you go, a poster for the nonexistent 1963 Granada Television production of A Study in Scarlet!

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