Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lonesome Dove characters - Gus, Call, Deets, Newt, and Pea Eye

I listen to a lot of audiobooks while I’m working, and Lonesome Dove has been one of my very favorites (I read it on paper when I was in high school or college, but I prefer the audio reading).  Anyway, for the next week or two I’m going to post one Lonesome Dove character per day.  

Now, here's something troublesome - I've already been posting these on my other social media platforms, notably twitter.  I tend to remember to post things on twitter and forget to do so on my blog.  So if you don't follow me on there, and you're keen to see new stuff as soon as I make it, may I recommend followin' me via that link above.

Anyway, to catch up, I'll post a few year.  Now, the Gus and Call characters were drawn some time ago, and I've already put 'em up on the internet, but given that they're part of a set of sort I thought it best to repost them.  Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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  1. Love those novels. Very nice characterizations you've done here.