Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Character-a-Day: The Golem!

Today's Halloween character is a golem (without the scale of other figures, it's tough to tell that his feet are standard human size but the rest of him is bigger.  There are a lot of golem stories, but the most famous is the tale of the Golem of Prague.  Created by a Rabbi, the Golem was man made of river clay who was brought to life to protect the Jewish ghetto from anti-Semitic attacks in the late 1500s.  The Golem ended up falling in love with a human woman and went on a rampage.  From giant robot protector to godzilla, all for love.

The golem couldn't speak, so I left off a mouth.  Thought that a bit crueler.  Most artificial man stories (like this, Frankenstein, and especially The Island of Doctor Moreau) seem to be a critique of an inherent cruelty of God as a creator, creating beings whose behavior is naturally contrary to that upon which He insists, and punishing those creations for succumbing to the very nature He instilled in them.  The Golem, of course, doesn't make it.  Still a fun monster, and one I'd like to see used more!

The original art for this one is available for sale.  8.5x11," ink on 80# stock, shipped the Tuesday after purchase.  First come, first serve.  SOLD!

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