Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Theodore Roosevelt Watercolor

I liked how the Dennis Farina watercolor I did yesterday came out, so I thought I'd try something a little more grandiose.  It's not he sort of thing I can comfortably do without color photo reference or models, so I'm going to abandon this sort of thing for the time being, but it was a fun challenge/exercise after yesterday's writing.

T.R. (or, as we refer to him today, Teddy - a name for which he did not care - wrote a book about his experiences hunting big game called AFRICAN GAME TRAILS

If you want the original for this (it's pretty big, 14"x17") and a perfect gift for the TR lover in your life) I'm happy to put it up for sale.  I'll say $225 domestic, $250 international.  If you want it, pay via paypal by choosing "send money" and sending it to chrisschweizer@hotmail.com (not an address I use anymore, but still my paypal).

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