Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Character-a-Day: Lobster Johnson

Today's pulp character is Lobster Johnson.  If you're not familiar, he's a character from the Hellboy universe.

The Lobster has been featured in Hellboy, B.P.R.D. (BPRD), and his own titles The Burning Hand, Satan Smells a Rat, The Iron Promethius, and the Satan Factory

There was a Lobster Johnson miniseries that came out right around the time that I started making comics.  I'd tried reading the first Hellboy trade a few times and while the art blew me away the pacing and shot choice decision was so antithetical to my own (one of the reasons that Mike Mignola has the reputation he's earned as a great storyteller is precisely because he doesn't go for the easy choices) that I didn't get into it.

I loved everything about the Lobster Johnson miniseries, though, especially Guy Davis' design sketches that were collected in the back.  It made me want to check out more by him, and so I started reading B.P.R.D.  Which I still contend was and is one of the best comics ever made.  From that I started reading Hellboy, and Witchfinder, and Abe Sapien, etc, etc, etc.  B.P.R.D. is the series that reluctantly got me reading floppies again, even though I don't have a place to put 'em (which is okay; they make good gifts once the trades come out), and I'm grateful for that, because there are SO many good issues these days from a variety of series.

Man, I love drawing the Lobster.

The original art for this and all the paper figures is available for sale.  8.5x11," ink on 80# stock, shipped the Tuesday after purchase.  First come, first serve.

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