Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Commission Call! (limit 20)


It's been a while since I offered commissions.  I think that the last couple of times that I did it were convention-specific, and regular, non-convention-goin' cats were left out in the cold.  Well, I'm nearing the halfway point of the book on which I'm working and in a couple of days I'm going to want to kick back and do something else for a smidge.  So I figured I'd do some commissions!  20, to be specific.

So here's what I'm gonna be doing:

8.5x5.5" on regular paper (not board).  Ink and watercolor.  The character of your choice, provided that I don't have a moral objection to drawing it, which, which is probably unlikely.  I won't be doing portraits/likenesses of you or your loved ones, because those take a lot longer and I have to do a lot of preliminary drawings to nail my approach, and for what I'm charging here those would take too long.  Sorry.  But if you want Captain Blood or Captain Midnight or Captain Hook or Captain Marvel, I'm your guy.  If you pick of the characters from my Crogan Adventures series, I'll be all "aw, shucks," and I'll like you extra.

$25 apiece!  Mailed to your very doorstep!  unless you live out of the country, in which case it's a little bit more.  NO EXTRA SHIPPING COSTS.

The paper will likely be kind of warpy, but it'll look fine smooshed up in a frame.

Here are some samples, at the size that I'll be working.

Batman!  From Batman.  You know Batman.

Becky, from The 6th Gun.  You should read The 6th Gun.
Peter Crogan, from Crogan's March.

I did these up as samples, but they're available, too, if anyone is interested.



  1. Hmmm...I didn't see anywhere to leave you a note, so I'll leave it here. I would love your version of Hellboy! Thanks, Tracy E

  2. Chris, would you be willing to do something like Capaldi's 12th Doctor?

  3. Bob,

    Yes! I'm looking forward to the Capaldi doctor. Only ever seen him play kind of heavy, curious as to how he'll run.

  4. Hey Chris, I was hoping you would draw my creator owned character if that's okay. The link to some ref is here on his Facebook page; he's a 1950's pulp hero guy. If you need more, let me know!

  5. Are these all claimed? If not I would love a Chinese Gordon, or Lord Roberts.

  6. Brett,
    I'm afraid that the list is closed, BUT I've already done a drawing of Chinese Gordon that I think I forgot to put up for sale here, so it's still available, and at the same price, $25. It's a little bit bigger, and not colored.