Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some Wild West guys

I've posted these on my instragram or tumblr or twitter, but I've forgotten to put them on my blog. The other formats are a lot quicker and so, out of laziness, I post images to them with a lot more frequency than I do my blog. So if you're a completist, I'd say follow me on any of those platforms. I;'ve got a post today that riffs a little off of these, so I figured I ought to put them up, first.

Just some Old West character drawings.  No one specific, just something fun to do.  The blonde guy's beard is supposed to be so long that it pokes out of the bottom of his vest, but I don't think the drawing successfully conveys that idea.  

The original art for these are available for sale (each character is its own piece).  8.5x11," ink on 80# stock, shipped the Tuesday after purchase.  First come, first serve.  PLEASE INCLUDE A NOTE NAMING THE CHARACTER THAT YOU WANT (in this case: blonde beard, red beard, or copper).  I will mark which ones are sold as soon as I'm able to do so.

Pick the cost based on your location

If you are outside the lower 48 states, please only pay your location's cost for the first piece you buy if you're buying a batch.  For any additional pieces in the order, choose the domestic option.

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