Friday, February 15, 2013


Usually when I post commissions for my regular shows, they go pretty fast.  Not so with my recently announced Emerald City ones.  I'm chalking that up to this being a new show, and that I may not have a lot of readers in the Pacific Northwest yet (which is a big reason why I'm doing the show this year).  Either way, the market has clearly dictated that, at the prices I listed (which I was considering low) there aren't a whole lot of bites.  Not as many as I'd like, anyway, which is to have to cut off the valve and point out that my commission list is full.

So what am I doing?  I'm dropping prices!  Don't worry - those who have already bought commissions have ALREADY received a refund to make the price that they're paying the same as the ones offered now (plus an extra buck as a negligible but visible thanks for being an early orderer), so check your paypal account.  For new folks, these prices are crazy!

How Many?

The last option on the scroll-down order bar is a real kicker - you can get a set of THE ENTIRE CROGAN FAMILY TREE, all of the characters on the books' endpapers, for $200.  That's SIXTEEN WATERCOLORS, 5x7" each and suitable for framing.  And unlike the other commissions which are only available to Emerald City Comic Con attendees, this one is ALSO available to ANY AGENT OF THE CROGAN ADVENTURE SOCIETY.  So if you have a membership, you can commission one of these sets, too.  If you're outside the US, please add ten bucks for shipping. US residents, free shipping!

I don't know if I'll be offering this set after EMCC.  There's a chance I might, but it'll depend entirely on scheduling, so if you're seriously interested, get it in the next two weeks!

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