Friday, September 9, 2016


Between watching Mad Max and its sequels/imitators, reading Kamandi, and wanting to work through my actual (though steadily diminishing) fears of a robot uprising, I've had a flurry of subjects swirling around in my head that I'd like to see through to a story but whose elements were so disparate that I could find no narratively credible way to approach including them all.

A week or two ago, though, something clicked: one single narrative reason that made muscle cars, cowboys, trucks, killer robots, and animal people all an intrinsic part of this narrative world.  So I spent a good amount of time this weekend (at the table before setup, on the train, etc) working through these ideas and the first couple of days back sketching them up.  Here are some of those sketches.

Anyway, it's something I could do in very short installments, rather than as one long narrative, so I'll be able to do things with it concurrently with other projects.  And while drawing cars is a pain, it's also a whole lot of fun, and working on the Creeps showed me that it's something I need in my wheelhouse.  So I'll probably start posting up the odd story or design thing here and there in the not-too-far-off future.

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