Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Process: Graphic Novel Pitch Panel

Nearly finished with my sample pages for this graphic novel pitch I’m putting together.  Here are the steps that I undertake to get from rough sketch to finished page, showing one panel from one of the pages.
I wanted this project to be watercolor, but had no end of trouble with the production side of it.  I think that the aesthetic lends itself better to the organic way that paint allows dirt to blend with everything else.  Dirty time period.  Lucky for me, the incredible Kyle T. Webster helped me figure out how to use his great brushes to do the painting digitally atop a flat base, and I’m really happy with the effect.  It’ll take a lot of practice to make it do what I want, but I feel like this is a good start.
If you want to hear my thoughts on this project, I've been documenting them on a series of video journals:

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  1. I do not have your talent for beautiful drawings, but wondered if you would entertain a suggestion? You color tones overall are too close. May I suggest there be a larger difference in foreground and background tones? Perhaps would create a depth, where there is none with the same tones. But I am in no way a talent drawing as you. Forgive me for intruding.