Monday, October 12, 2015

Dad Horse Experience

One of last week’s Sketch_Dailies topics was “One Man Band,” so I used the opportunity to tackle my favorite (or at least the most influential on me) musical performer at the moment, Germany’s THE DAD HORSE EXPERIENCE.

Mostly stripped down banjo/organ pedalboard/kazoo numbers, DHXP’s stuff is a really cool roots hybrid, a mix of early radio gospel (think Woody Guthrie or the Carter Family) and Alpine oompa music, with kind of an old punk ethos underlying the whole thing.  My favorite numbers are probably “Gates of Heaven” (language in that one, if you’re at work), “Dead Dog on a Highway,” and “Too Close to Heaven.”

I’ve never had a chance to see him live, but hopefully he’ll make it through Kentucky or Tennessee before too long.

You can listen to a lot of his music for free at his website, and his album mp3s are quite inexpensive.  Worth checking out:

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