Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cave Sequence: Color Keys

One of the sequences/acts/whatever in my 2nd Crogan Adventures book, Five Years’ Service (titled Crogan’s March on its initial publication) is  forty-something-page-long section that takes place in a cave, the only lighting source a torch.  
BECAUSE it’s all in a cave, it’s easy to feel like it’s one long scene, rather than the four (possibly five) distinct scenes that compose it.  In reworking the book for color, I picked a panel from early in each scene and colored it in a way that it (hopefully) feels different from the other:   
the first, the introduction of the cave, is very matter of fact, literal, to suit the feel of this new mess they’ve gotten themselves into.
The second introduces a danger, and I thought the fire palette would best highlight the stress that arrives with it.
The third scene becomes scary, a little more otherwordly, so I pushed the purple,
and the final is where lines start to become blurred, both in terms of personal allegiances and what our perceptions of the reality of the dangers that they face are, and so I wanted to align the purple and the orange of the immediately preceding scene, bring them closer together in value and saturation, which creates this nice rich jewel tone that suits the Arabian Nights thing that’ll play out over the next few pages.
So now what I’ll do is sample FROM these color key panels to do the remainder of each scene.

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