Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New coloring process

New process method!  Thought I’d share.
1: Inks, the regular old way.
2. I lightbox the inks and do a basic watercolor job on a blank sheet of paper
3. I lay the line art over the watercolors digitally, then go in with a digital watercolor brush (the Kyle Webster “wamazing” brush) and touch up details.  I also darkened the value inside the bunker.
4. That would have been it, but the other focal points in the comic - planes - were colored flat digitally, and those two guys stood out like sore thumbs, so I colored them flat digitally to match the other panels.  The final panel is how my future historical stuff is likely to look; digital focal characters, watercolor background (and background characters).

It’s a little cumbersome, scanning twice, but I think that it’s faster than digitally coloring all of the elements of an environment, and it kind of has an old-school 2D animation look to it, which I like.  Speed is super important.  I want to make as many comics as possible but I don’t want to sacrifice quality, so any method that potentially yields quicker results is a big win.

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