Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DragonCon Badges

So I drew a bunch of badges this weekend at DragonCon, which is great fun because it lets me stare at people's faces while I draw them. Usually (airports, subway, etc) I have to pretend that I'm not staring at the people I'm drawing. These aren't all of them, but it's a pretty good sampling.

A few people asked me what prompted the badges, and it's because I made one for "Welcome to Night Vale" Carlos costume last year. I showed it to some of my friends and they wanted me to make badges for them for the Night Vale meetup, too. And then they showed their friends and so on and so on. I'd been doing little watercolor portraits and I figured I could just give people a badge with 'em. I only printed up so many of the night vale templates so when I started running low I also started doing from-scratch badges where I drew everything.
Anyway, it was a really fun way to have a little more time with the folks who picked stuff up at my table, and I had a fantastic DragonCon all around. Thanks to everyone who had so much patience waiting in line and for being such a fun and enthusiastic group.

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