Saturday, December 21, 2013

Directors: Kasi Lemmons, Rian Johnson, and John Ford

First, Kasi Lemmons, writer and director of the wonderful Eve’s Bayou (which, like the film of another director I’ll be posting up soon, does a fantastic job of doing a story about kids that feels like it’s made for kids despite not being so at all, just such a subtle handling of the heavy subject matter), who also directed Caveman’s Valentine - both pulling excellent performances from Samuel L. Jackson.  I haven’t seen her upcoming Black Nativity, but her work on the two previously mentioned pictures and Talk to Me will lead me to do so eventually, despite my general distaste for Christmas movies (not that I don’t love Christmas).

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Rian Johnson.
He made Brick, which would be enough to cement him on my favorites list regardless of what his subsequent projects were, but given that those projects include The Brothers Bloom,Looper, and the hotel episode of Terriers, well, Brick almost becomes a non-issue, doesn’t it?

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John Ford, director of such genre-defining and genre-busting westerns as Stagecoach and the Searchers, and a variety of other projects, including a pretty neat film called 7 Women, about seven very different people trying to survive in Warlord-era China in the 1920s.

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