Sunday, May 12, 2013

HeroesCon Commissions Open

Well, I'm going to be moving (multiple trips, I'm afraid, due to school schedule) over the next few weeks, and I figure that, to make sure the whole business doesn't become lost in the shuffle, I ought get crackin' on HeroesCon commissions now.  I usually don't do advance commissions, but last year I was swamped at the table and didn't have a chance to do commissions for everyone who wanted one.  So I figured it time to start doing 'em in advance.  These will all be full-color (watercolored) drawings.  Here are prices:

A: Sketch Card (2.5x3.5"), single character: $5

B: 10 Sketch Cards: $45

C: 5x7" of someone else's character: $20

D: 5x7" of a Crogan Adventures character: $15

E: 8x10" (one OR two characters): $50

F: 8x10" (one OR two Crogan Adventures characters): $45

G: 11x14" (one or two characters): $100

H: 11x14" (one or two Crogan Adventures characters): $75

I: 11x17" (up to three characters WITH background): $150

J: 11x17" (up to three Crogan Adventures characters WITH background): $125

K: Sixteen 5x7" watercolors - one of each of the characters from the Crogan Adventures family tree: $200

These are ONLY FOR PICKUP AT HEROESCON.  Prices reflect that I won't be having to pack and ship these.

Here's the paypal link.  BE SURE TO WRITE BOTH THE FORMAT OPTION (A, F, etc) as well as what you want the subject of the picture to be. 

If you all ain't adverse to it, I may post 'em as I finish them.  I've been really bad about posting art lately.

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