Monday, November 19, 2012

Temple design for CROGAN'S ESCAPE

Work on Crogan's Escape has been on hold since mid-summer as I've been swamped with other work (some of it Crogan-related) and school prep, but winter break is finally here and I'm finally back to business. A number of upcoming scenes take place in a village that has a temple in it, and both the village and the temple itself are pretty important parts of the plot so far as their layout is concerned.  I'd been fiddling with the designs for the temple for the last week or two, filling up half a sketchbook and slowly getting closer to a design that I could be happy with, which I've posted here. The building draws from a number of architectural inspirations (including some Taiwanese stuff, given the story's proximity to the China/Taiwan border), but it's not based much on any one place.  It had to conform physically to allow for a number of story elements, which is why it gave me such a headache. Click the image for a full-sized version