Monday, October 1, 2012

Paper Figure Set: Master and Commander

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(Click here to download the print file so that you can make these yourself for free)
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This week's set is an admittedly small one, with just two figures: lead-booted physician Stephen Maturin and obese sanguinite Lucky Jack Aubrey, complete with battle-lost ear.

If you haven't read the Aubrey/Maturin books, you should.  They're truly incredible, though in truth I've only read the first four.  Reading them was getting me excited about doing another nautical book, this one putting much more emphasis on getting the rigging right, but my editor told me that it was "too soon to return to the pirate trough" having done the pirate-themed Crogan's Vengeance only a couple of books ago, and so I must wait.  I'm holding off on reading the remainder of the Patrick O'Brian novels until that time.

Just a reminder that I post a new paper figure set each Monday, and that other paper figure sets can be found here.

(Click here to download the Master and Commander print file so that you can make these yourself for free)


  1. Are you still offering the club memberships? Also, did you know that is still up and offers a link to "the new blog..." Confusing.

  2. Sara,

    1. If you mean the Crogan Adventure Society, yes, I am!

    2. Thanks for the heads-up about the old blog link error! I'm letting the blog stay up, because there's lots of stuff on it I don't have elsewhere, but the link was definitely an error! It's fixed now, and I'm grateful to you for having brought my attention to it! Thanks!